BDC Camera Repair's technicians have been trained
on many of the most popular Lenses, SLRs,
Point-N-Shoots, and Film and Slide Projectors, and
can often repair them more quickly and inexpensively
than the manufacturers.

Most manufacturers have fairly high, fixed repair
prices for a given model.  In those instances when a
camera needs a major part replaced, the fixed price
can be a good deal, but most repairs can be done for
considerably less when the camera is individually
estimated for its specific problem.  Please call with any
questions about your particular equipment.

Whether you own a current
digital autofocus camera, a
professional model, or an older mechanical film SLR,
BDC Camera Repair has the experience necessary to
help you with your problem.

We estimate each camera individually, and our repair
work includes a warranty on the job done.