Professional Equipment
BDC Camera Repair specializes in Professional repairs - RUSH
service is available.

We are equipped to repair a wide range of Professional
photographic equipment, both film and
digital including:
  • Canon Professional Digital and 35mm Lenses, Bodies
  • Nikon Professional Digital and 35mm Lenses, Bodies
  • Copal and Compur shutters
  • Hasselblad 500C/CM Bodies, Lenses, Magazines
  • Mamiya 645 and 645 Super Bodies, Lenses, Magazines
  • Mamiya RB67 and RZ67 Bodies, Lenses, Magazines
  • Bronica ETRS, Si, SQ, SQA Bodies, Lenses, Magazines

Our policy for professional camera users is to provide priority
service at no extra charge.  Usually repairs can be done within
a week.  We do repairs for professional photographers over a
four-state area, and are told that we compare favorably to
Nikon Professionl Service and Canon Professional Service.  
Call us with any questions concerning your repair needs.

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